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Hey there, I’m Armand — a freelance film and pop culture writer with an unhealthy obsession with all things horror. You can read my writing in Rappler, Screen Anarchy, Unreel, and other publications. I live in Pasig City, Philippines.

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Field Notes From Hell

Our weekly digest contains a short review of a recent horror release and capsule thoughts on a handful of my recently viewed horror films. Plus, a quick rundown of upcoming horror films & TV series.

¡Qué(ue) horror!

A bi-weekly column where I send you themed horror recommendations. Think unnervingly specific, from “Vincent Price films” to “found-footage horrors that aren’t Blair Witch.”

Spilling Guts

Q&As and AMAs with myself, genre filmmakers, actors, writers, and key figureheads of the genre.

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📧 Subscribe for FREE to receive new posts and get weekly horror reviews.

Other projects

  • Unreel — a film resource dedicated to covering Philippine cinema.

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